The Learning Continues

The Long School staff is dedicated to ensuring our students continue their educational journey and will continue to do whatever it takes to provide support and reassurance. Each teacher will communicate detailed information and provide feedback. Attached you will find this week’s overall learning plan schedule for each grade. Click on the link to open the sheet then click on your child’s grade at the bottom. Links for P.E., Art, Music, Technology and STEM Enrichment are located on the Specials page. Teachers will check in with students at least twice a week via tools such as Google Hangouts, email or phone calls.  Students are expected to attend all Google Hangout sessions and engage in the work assigned by teachers. It is essential that parents/guardians and teachers continue to communicate so teachers are fully aware of the student’s well being and progress.

To continue educating, Dearborn Schools will use a variety of tools, mostly online.  The District will again distribute Chromebooks to families who need a computer to access the work. We will inform families of the distribution procedure and date as soon as it is finalized. If families truly cannot connect online, then the District will go so far as to print and mail or deliver paper assignments for students.

Meals will continue to be distributed at Long School on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please take care of your families and let us know if we can provide any additional support.

Long Grade Level Learning Plans 4/20/20-4/24/20