Buddy Benches

Student Advisory requested Buddy Benches at Long Elementary. Today, they spoke to students to teach them about the benches.

The buddy bench is a place to sit if you need a friend.

If you see someone at the bench, you may go up to them and ask him/her:

  • Are you feeling OK?
  • Do you want to join us in a game of tag?
  • May I sit with you?

If a student needs help, tell an adult.

Friends at School

Friends at school can play and share.

Friends at school are kind and fair.

Friends at school will talk to you

When you are feeling sad and blue.

Friends at school are big and small.

Friends at school are best of all.

Student Advisory committee with Mrs. Peterson, Corporal Leto and our Roadrunner. This is the first grade’s Buddy Bench.
Second and Third graders with our roadrunner.
Kindergarten Buddy Bench