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Dearborn SHINES for Healthy Kids!

Our 4th and 5th graders have been chosen to be part of a study on health and physical activity conducted through Wayne State University. An opt out slip will be sent home. If you DO NOT want your child to participate in the study, the sheet should be signed and returned. If their participation is ok, you do not need to send the slip back.

Recycling Committee Presentations

This week our Long School Recycling Committee visited classrooms to further educate students as to the importance of recycling. Students used a presentation they worked collaboratively to create, along with an informative essay written by one of the members.


Students presenting their information.

All Dearborn Public Schools will be open on Monday, February 12, 2018.

We want to thank all the hard working Engineers, Custodians, and staff members in the Operations and Grounds Department for putting in many extra hours this weekend to clear school parking lots and sidewalks.

We also want to extend a thank you to all the crews at the City of Dearborn who have been working hard all weekend to clear streets in our city.

After checking road conditions, talking with the City of Dearborn, and having discussions with our Transportation Department the District does not anticipate any wide spread problems or delays.

However, with the amount of snowfall and cold temperatures, conditions may exist on a few side streets that require slower then normal and extra cautious driving. Please be advised that these conditions may cause some buses to run a bit behind schedule on Monday.

Bundle up and see you in school on Monday!