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Thank You Ms. Pizzino!

Ms. Pizzino

Today was Ms. Pizzino’s last official day with her first graders. Mrs. McShane is returning from her leave on Monday.
The Long School community and all of the students would like to thank her immensely for all she has done for us. Her dedication, energy and positive attitude created an atmosphere where students were able to grow and learn each day. We look forward to seeing her back at Long School soon.

Long Recycling is underway!

Long School City Beautiful Jr. Commissioners, Ayah and Brian, were sworn in by Mayor O’Reilly last week. Our City Beautiful representatives head up our Student Recycling Committee. The Recycling Committee is responsible for educating Long students about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. They have a bulletin board in the hall and present during assemblies. They also collect recycling from classrooms and take our bins out for curbside pick-up.


Congratulations to Mrs. Ciecko’s Class

Students attending Dearborn’s Homecoming were able to enter a raffle sponsored by the DFT to win books for their entire class. Long School 2nd grader, Xaiver, was the Elementary School winner! The DFT board came to Mrs. Ciecko’s classroom with a sign, a plaque and a beautiful selection of books for everyone. It was so exciting! Thank you Dearborn Federation of Teachers.

dft booksXaiver


Dearborn Schools to International Space Station

This Tuesday, October 27 at 12:01 pm, students from Dearborn Schools will make contact with astronauts on the International Space Station. Students from across the district will gather at the Michael Berry Center to ask their questions live. Long School fifth grader, Samantha, was one of the students selected. We are so excited!
The interview will be shown live on youtube. If you would like to view it, here is a link.

Pumpkins and Apples and Popcorn, Oh My!

So much is happening at Long, we had to share.
Students are ‘pumpkin’ up their learning by writing their new learning on pumpkins which are on display in our hallway.

pumpkin up

pumpkins 2

pumpkins 1

Mrs. Bartolomei’s and Mrs. Morey’s students investigated the properties of apples together. Can you estimate how many cubes it takes to balance an apple? Thank you to all of the parents who were able to help out!

Apple Day
Popcorn Fridays are taking place twice a month thanks to a great group of popcorn parents and kids. Come on in and join the fun!



Walk to School Day at Long

National Walk to School Day was a huge success at Long School. Thank you to everyone who participated. Our breakfast students, Preschool and Kids Club students were able to take part as well. Mrs. Hannaford and Mrs. Jakubus assisted as crossing guards and many staff members couldn’t resist joining in. Students received a sticker and filled in an ‘I Walked to School Today’ footprint for our school hall. Our school received a Certificate of Participation from the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports which was signed by Governor Snyder.

.wts pics

Join the Fun on National Walk to School Day

On Wednesday, October 7, Long School students will join students and parents across the United States in celebrating National Walk to School Day. We are encouraging all students to walk at least part of the way to school on this day, which is also a Late Start. We are working on a plan for students attending morning Kids Club to participate as well.
Signs and adults will be posted on New York and Boston Streets to help ensure safety. We are looking forward to our first time participation in this event which promotes safety, healthy living and a sense of community.

walk to school day2

Discovering Our Inner Scientist at Long

Long School students are developing their scientific identities during Science Enrichment class with Mrs. Newsted. All classes have a 45 minute period every week during which they explore grade level science topics through interactive, hands-on activities. One of their first tasks was to determine what a scientist looked like. Following this, students developed their vision of themselves as a scientist. Here are a couple pictures of the results. Students are also writing questions they would like to ask astronauts on the International Space Station. During the week of Oct. 26, 18-20 Dearborn School students will have the opportunity to ask their question during a live communication with the International Space Station!

McShane ScienceMorey ScienceTorres Science


‘My Learning Plan’ is Off to a Banner Year at Long!

Students are setting their goals and filling the halls at Long Elementary. As students work to develop ‘My Learning Plan’ goals for the start of the new school year, they are posting them on pennants in the school hall. It creates a wonderful display and a powerful statement about our school’s commitment to achievement. Ask your child about their current goals.

banner3 banner2